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1996 6:JSPM P01 
24 JANUARY 1996, ON PAE. 
Dear Katie, 
At the end o 1972 the NPL network was serving the large .te n 
Teddington and alo the NPL's 8hip Hy4raulcs Laboratory in Petham, 
attached to the ntwoz'k, including the NPL' central computer service 
usin a KDF9 ½ompute, a ile server and 'Scrapboo]" which exchange 
documents and messages (e. mail) and provided a kind of bulletin Boar 
with hF=zteat facility. The other computer Belonged to uer o the 
system, a did about 40 other tominals on he n,work. 
In January 1972, a temporary 1.5 Hbœt/ llne joined the NPl. network to 
the Institution of Electrical nglneers in central London, where our 
multiplear enabled the services of the network to be demonstrmte 
with several typs of terminal device. When I gave a ecure for that 
event, my lecture notes were on Scrapbook, o= me to rea {n {he IEZ 
lecture hall. 
Yourz elncerely, 
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